Pyramid Scheme


30 Mar Pyramid Scheme

A lot of you will have seen videos on sharing sights where crazy Russian guys climb cranes and pull ridiculous death defying, ilegal  and  for the most part completely useless ‘stunts’. If you have seen one of these clips the chances are that you will have been watching the work of Vitaly Raskalov aka ‘The Sky Walker’. Raskalov’s latest illegal jaunt however caught the attention of the world’s media for slightly different reasons, this time the outcome was a series of stunning photographs.

Accompanied by his crew of fellow thrill seekers, Raskalov waited until visiting hours of Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza were over and then, armed with cameras, they embarked on their accent. Once at the top they spent hours photographing their surroundings with breath taking results. Below are the fruits of the expedition, a collection of photographs that will surely have a little place in history.


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