George Moore Menswear


02 May George Moore Menswear

Stumbled across this shop quite a while back on Myddleton Road, Wood Green. I found it fascinating that the shop has obviously been closed down for many years yet they have left all the stock and window displays exactly as they were since their last day of trading. On closer inspection the assortment of mens shirts, ties, bow ties, gloves, y fronts, pullovers displayed in the window were rotten, mouldy and bleached by the sun, indicating that it has been left like this for some time. Handwritten price tags reading “Last One”, “Available in other colours” “2.49p” gives you a feeling of nostalgia as you gaze at the dusty clothing. The shop front and its window display are slowly disintegrating as the elements and the years gone by take their toll. However, it makes people stop and stare and take notice, as if it was a museum exhibition or art installation, I found myself drawing comparisons to the artist Sam Taylor-Wood and her video installation “Still Life”. The shops slow decay creates a visceral memento mori, acting as a subtle reminder of the inevitability that we all face. If your in the neighbourhood I would highly recommend you go check it out, you will not regret it, plus its free!

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